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Wheat Field

About Us

Have you ever heard the saying “common sense ain’t so common”? As a health and weight loss coach, my job is to educate clients on how to lose weight and get healthy. Often, I find myself having conversations with clients and explaining the simple concepts that I thought were common knowledge. Day after day I find myself facing the idea that not everyone understands nutrition. AND IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT!!


After one conversation with a client where I discovered that this person genuinely did not understand the difference between frozen hash browns and potatoes (and this was not the first time I had a conversation with a client like this), I knew that I had to do something.


And so, Healthy Hicks was born!


We are here to help. We believe that everybody has the right to know what their food is really made of and that everybody CAN be healthy. We are here as educators, coaches, and friends to help you navigate this overly complicated concept and make it simpler.


Helping all Canadians feel empowered to take their health into their own hands so every person can live up to their true potential.


Changing the world through education and exploration of alternative lifestyle and food choices and making the information accessible and easy to understand

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Core Values

  1. Curiosity

  2. Honesty

  3. Open Mindedness

  4. Caring

  5. Empathy

Meet the Team

We are Bre & Zack! Newlyweds in September of 2022, we are so happy to be sharing our adventure with all of you! 

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